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Purchase assistance

Are you planning to buy a car?

I will guide you through all stages of the car purchase transaction, from matching and finding your dream car to finalizing the transaction and signing the contract or invoice verified by me.

I guarantee that with my help you WILL AVOID any problems and surprises related to the purchase of a car and you will learn, among others whether:

  • The actual condition of the vehicle does not differ from that specified in the advertisement,

  • Vehicle documentation does not raise any objections (the communication department will find 100 reasons not to register your new car),

  • Never crashed the car, it had body and paint repairs,

  • It is after flooding, devastation, fire, a "Englishman" insert,

  • Has hidden defects that the seller "forgot" to say,

  • The state of wear of the vehicle corresponds to the declared mileage,

  • The contract / sales invoice has unfair provisions,

  • What additional costs will you have to pay after purchasing the vehicle?


Inspections are carried out 7 days a week!

(The price of inspections on Sundays and public holidays is 50% higher. Saturday is considered a normal working day).

Searching for a vehicle (Cars worth at least PLN 15,000)

  • Searching and selecting the best sales offers according to customer requirements from national advertising portals.

  • Telephone verification of selected offers.

  • Arrange a car inspection.

PLN 90



  • Connection to a professional diagnostic computer and performing full vehicle diagnostics, reading errors and deleting them,

  • Analysis of active errors,

  • Reading the VIN number from the vehicle's computer,

PLN 249

"ONE DAY" package

The service includes inspectionunlimited number of cars on a given working day from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. for one customer.

LACKlimits on the number of verified vehicles and territorial limits. In the case of this service, the customer himself bears the costs of the Vehicle Inspection Station if he is interested in such a visit.

PLN 799 

Paint coating inspection.

  • Organoleptic inspection of the paint coating,

  • Measurement of the thickness of the paint coating using a high-quality meter with a probe detecting both steel, galvanized steel and aluminum substrates,

  • Verification of re-varnished and puttyed elements,

  • Assessment of the quality of the repair performed based on paint defects and fit of body elements.

PLN 99

BASIC Inspection + Vehicle Inspection Station.

SCOPE OF BASIC INSPECTION+ visit to the Vehicle Inspection Station (the price includes the SKP fee).NO COMPUTER DIAGNOSTICS!

  • Measurement of braking forces,

  • Percentage measurement of shock absorber wear,

  • More detailed verification of "looseness" and "knocking" in the car suspension,

  • Detailed inspection of the vehicle chassis on a channel/lift,

  • Inspection of the complete exhaust system,

  • Verification of sweating and leaks from the bottom of the vehicle,

  • Verification of the issued sales document (contract/invoice) in terms of any provisions included in it that are unfavorable to the buyer (if I am present at the signing).

PLN 299

BASIC Inspection


  • Verification of car documents, their completeness and entries, number of keys/cards, checking the VIN number and service history based on documents presented by the seller,

  • External inspection of the vehicle (visible damage, scratches, dents, corrosion, rims, checking the originality of the windows),

  • Verification of tire damage, size and year of production, and measurement of tread height,

  • Checking the level of oil and other operating fluids. Verification of leaks visible from the top of the engine,

  • Engine start check. Taking a test drive. Checking the correct operation of the drive, steering, braking and suspension systems as well as engine accessories such as the turbocharger,

  • Assessment of the efficiency of the LPG installation,

  • Checking the efficiency of car equipment (lights, windows, air conditioning, mirrors, etc.)

  • Assessment of interior wear in relation to the declared mileage.

PLN 199

EXTENDED inspection.


  • Checking the technical condition and charge of the battery with a specialized tester,

  • Checking the engine starting voltage,

  • Verification of alternator charging voltage and voltage pulsation,

  • Inspection of hard-to-reach places using an inspection camera equipped with a probe (if necessary),

  • Calculation of the costs required to be incurred after purchasing a vehicle.

  • Verification of the sales document (contract/invoice) in terms of prohibited provisions (if I am present at the signing).

PLN 349

If you would like to receive an invoice for your company, please provide your Tax Identification Number when placing the order. 

The cost of the inspection should include the cost of travel to the place of inspection of PLN 60. per km. To determine the exact travel costs, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

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