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Simple rules

No hidden fees.

Fast execution

Inspection performed in just a few hours.

Fair prices

Paint coating inspection from PLN 99!

Vehicle inspections and other services are performed from dawn to dusk, by appointment, regardless of the day of the week. Orders are usually processed within 24 hours.

  • At, car inspections are performed exclusively by the company owner, thus guaranteeing the best quality of services! (Want to do something right? Do it yourself!).

  • Individual approach. You contact the company owner directly, not through any hotline, and the service is tailored to your needs.

  • No anonymity. You know very well who will be inspecting the car, and you can even participate in it - which I strongly encourage you to do.

  • Professional equipment. During the inspection, he uses equipment worth several thousand zlotys, which is not available from the competition. (No nationwide company will invest so much in its specialist if it has, for example, two hundred of them).

  • Known competences and experience. With your competitors, you never know who will check the car you have chosen and what their experience is.

  • No additional fees for a telephone call after the inspection or quick order processing, as is the case with some nationwide companies. At it is free of charge (sometimes orders are processed even within a few hours!).

  • Possibility to perform inspections on non-working days (Saturday, Sunday, holidays).

  • No territorial restrictions. The inspection can be performed throughout the country and abroad.

  • Guarantee of the highest quality and care. As the owner, I work constantly and care about the company's good reputation.

  • Possibility of expanding the inspection in stages. If you are present during the inspection, you do not have to declare in advance what type of inspection you are choosing. The inspection may be carried out in stages; starting with the cheapest inspection and ending at the selected checking stage. I know from experience that it is not worth wasting money on a visit to a car repair shop or connecting to a computer if the very measurement of the paint coating shows that the car is in a serious collision condition and thus giving up the purchase. Then you will only pay PLN 99 instead of PLN 299 or PLN 349.

  • A wide selection of services. Everyone can individually adjust the scope of the inspection.

  • The lowest price for determining the accident rate of a car. For as little as PLN 99 you can find out whether the car you have chosen has not been involved in an accident or is not composed of several cars :).

  • Hassle-free return with your purchased car. You don't have to take a second driver! I can come pick you up and we will go to the inspection together in one car. If the car turns out to be worth buying, you can drive it home straight away. If not, I will take you home after the inspection. firma godna zaufania.

By using the services of, you are using the services of a company that professionally deals with automotive consulting. These services are performed personally by the owner of the company, which guarantees the utmost care, and professional equipment and extensive experience guarantee the highest quality.

I approach each client individually and with full commitment. Robert Skrzyniarz
customer service office
Katowice ul. Warszawska 6
Tarnowskie Góry ul. Bytomska 10

Tax identification number: 645 231 24 68    REGON: 367302573

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O Właścicielu

Robert Skrzyniarz

Certyfikowany Rzeczoznawca Samochodowy numer RS001829 wpisany na listę Ministerstwa Infrastruktury. Członek i Rzeczoznawca Stowarzyszenia Rzeczoznawców Techniki Motoryzacyjnej i Ruchu Drogowego. Mechanik samochodowy z tytułem czeladnika. Absolwent Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Katowicach. Student studiów inżynierskich  na kierunku Transport. Pasjonat motoryzacji z ponad dwudziestoletnim doświadczeniem w branży motoryzacyjnej.Łukasz-bąk-automaniak-tvn-turbo

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